Ice scraper, with snow shovel and telescopic rod

Free of ice and snow. For safer driving in winter.

The multi-function ice scraper of robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate is an efficient aid in order to free vehicle windows of snow and ice. The 3-way rotatable scraper blade can be used to remove various coverings, such as frost and ice, from over the entire surface of the window. This ensures ice and snow free vehicle windows. Ice free wiper blades assure a streak-free, clean view. A separate cleaning device is integrated on the ice scraper for this purpose. The snow scraper with a soft rubber lip helps to gently liberate the vehicle from snow. The telescopic handle, which extends from 670 mm to 1030 mm, helps in removing ice and snow from difficult to reach areas.

Your benefits
  • Robust. Sturdy and cold resistant plastic material.
  • Flexible. 3-way rotatable scraper blade for problem-free cleaning of the entire window surface.
  • Versatile. Can also clean wiper blades.
  • Practical. Extendible due to telescopic handle.
  • Gentle. The soft rubber lip of the snow scraper helps to gently liberate the vehicle from snow.