The special shape of the adapter head matches the head of the wheel bolts and inhibits the theft of the high-quality cast aluminium wheels. 

The wheel bolts can only be loosened/tightened using the adapter supplied. The adapter head has a shape that matches the head of the vehicle wheel bolts and can only be used for these bolts.

Items supplied:
  • 1 set with 4 wheel bolts of size M14 x 1.5 x 27 including adapter
  • 4 black wheel bolt caps
  • 4 grey wheel bolt caps
  • Removal tool for wheel bolt caps
  • Fitting instructions
  • Respective adapter is available through Audi Genuine Parts
  • Please check with your Audi Service advisor reference questions on vehicle compatibility

Your benefits
  • Inhibits the theft of the wheels
  • Individually matched adapter to safely loosen/tighten the wheel bolts